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Invention Reduces Cost of Manufacturing Quick-Charging Devices

Range and charging times are becoming increasingly important for more and more people as part of the shift towards e-mobility. As a result, the…

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The jubilee celebration: 25 years TLB GmbH

TLB GmbH is one of the longest active and most successful German patent exploitation centres.

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Organic-based coating with innovative functional properties is suitable for packaging and food products

The innovative and universally versatile protective layer is both impermeable to water and heat-resistant, mechanically resilient and also suitable…

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HydroSKIN: Textile facade elements absorb rainwater and cool buildings and urban space

Constantly new heat records and increased heavy rainfall events are effects of climate change, with fatal consequences for cities and their…

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New injector makes gas injection system for internal combustion engines more efficient

Injection of hydrogen directly into the combustion chamber increases torque. Backfiring into the intake port is reliably ruled out. The system is…

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TLB nominated for the Rudolf Diesel Medal 2023

The nominees for the Rudolf Diesel Medal 2023 have been announced:

TLB GmbH is among the twelve companies and institutions nominated for the…

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TLB technology offers in the list of top technologies

Two technologies listed among IN-PART's most promising technology offerings: "Faster non-contact 3D surface scanning" and "Hyperspectral imaging of…

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Technologie-Lizenz-Büro Expands International Business Development

TLB GmbH is expanding its international business development possibilities. In the future, the former TLB employee Dr.-Ing. Mohammadali Farjoo will be…

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Novel technology enables cell-protecting transfection of proteins and other macromolecules into living cells

"Top-fase" is a simple and universal tool for the targeted transfection of numerous molecule species into cells and cell lines. This new method,…

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Innovative headphones detect sound sources in the wearer’s “blind spot”

With an innovative filter element for headphones, the wearer can distinguish whether an external sound source is approaching from the front or from…

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