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Technologie-Lizenz-Büro Expands International Business Development

TLB GmbH is expanding its international business development possibilities. In the future, the former TLB employee Dr.-Ing. Mohammadali Farjoo will be…

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Novel technology enables cell-protecting transfection of proteins and other macromolecules into living cells

"Top-fase" is a simple and universal tool for the targeted transfection of numerous molecule species into cells and cell lines. This new method,…

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Innovative headphones detect sound sources in the wearer’s “blind spot”

With an innovative filter element for headphones, the wearer can distinguish whether an external sound source is approaching from the front or from…

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New Services from TLB: IP Advising for Start-ups

TLB GmbH now offers IP consulting for founders and start-ups in the deep-tech sector. After a free initial consultation, TLB's new offer now includes…

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New process enables automated production of cable harnesses

Cable harnesses are among the few parts that still have to be manufactured or processed by hand, especially in automotive and consumer goods…

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TLB Supervisory Board Meeting: New ideas and two farewells

After several virtual meetings, new strategies and further steps in the cooperation with start-ups were discussed in person. The official farewell of…

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In-Wall Speakers: Better Function thanks to optimized construction

The invention can significantly increase the efficiency of "in-wall speakers" by improving the cooling and the mechanical properties of the spring…

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Successful spin-off: Printoptix prints miniaturized optics on glass fibers

The scientists of the founding project are able to manufacture components on a scale of 10 µm to 2 mm and on a variety of substrates, such as optical…

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University of Konstanz successfully takes legal action against patent infringements in the field of solar cell production and wins initial case

In connection with its patents on LID regeneration of solar cells, the University of Konstanz has reached an agreement with a German mechanical…

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Fibreboard and straw

Looking for industrial partners: Eco-friendly, flexible fiberboard made of straw can be produced without synthetic resins

Up to now, mainly fibreboards have been used in the furniture industry or in interior design. However, these are often made with materials that are…

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Economical, ecological and safe - ultra-lightweight construction with adaptive structural elements

Lightweight constructions can save raw materials in the building sector because they require much less material. At the same time, however, these…

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