About TLB

Patenting and exploitation of university inventions

The Technologie-License-Büro (TLB) GmbH has been working in the field of patenting and exploitation of university inventions.

Numerous inventions are made every year at the colleges and universities in Baden-Württemberg. With the right patenting and exploitation strategy, many of these inventions represent a great economic value. The Technologie-License-Büro (TLB) GmbH has been offering universities, independent inventors and companies sound advice and tailor-made service packages for 25 years, so that the potential of inventions can be optimally used. As partners of science and industry, the TLB innovation managers advise and support universities, companies and inventors in all matters relating to invention and patent management. The TLB team consists of scientists from different disciplines and therefore offers the opportunity of an interdisciplinary approach.

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Use with regard to future markets and new solutions

The employees of Technologie-License-Büro GmbH have broad expertise in the relevant future markets. Their interdisciplinary cooperation makes it possible to find innovative solutions that go beyond the boundaries of well-known specialist areas and markets. With their many years of experience in the field of patenting and commercialization of university inventions, they are valuable contacts. In cooperation with the inventors and know-how carriers, the institutes and working groups, TLB creates an optimized exploitation strategy for the often not very easy path from the idea to a property right to a successful product.

Exploitation and successes in the licensing business

TLB is a partner for science and business and the mediator between the two. This position requires long-term and coordinated action. For a real success in the licensing business, it is not uncommon for a time dimension of five years or more to be assumed, which lies between the patent application and market maturity. During this period, the owner of the intellectual property right has to make considerable advance payments, for example for patent costs or services.

In this whole process, the chances of exploitation and the market assessment are checked at the beginning and checked again and again during the exploitation process. The patenting strategy and the chances of exploitation are included in the strategic planning right from the start. Whether it's licensing, the sale of a property right family or a cooperation - a tailor-made solution is found for every invention and for every company!

Over the past few years, this has resulted in more than 160 families of property rights, of which around 60 families of property rights have been successfully launched on the market through licenses and purchase agreements. Read more here...

What we offer

We evaluate the market potential of your inventions and ideas

We evaluate the market and application potential of ideas and inventions. Of course, we also take on the necessary patent and market research for a well-founded and meaningful evaluation of your inventions. In doing so, we rely on our many years of expertise and great insider knowledge of trends and developments in the relevant future markets.

We develop strategies for patent and invention management

Every invention is different. Every company, every university and every inventor pursues their own goals with their inventions. Accordingly, on the way from the idea to economic success, countless questions have to be answered again and again. The experienced specialists at TLB provide answers to these questions and create the individual strategy for success for each invention.

We take care of patenting your ideas

Our experts manage the patenting process. With the support of a competent patent attorney, we ensure that you and your university receive a substantially comprehensive patent specification. We then take care of the registration of all relevant invention details.

The goal is a patent that is granted as fully as possible and that is as resilient as possible.

We have contact with the best partners for your exploitation success

We have a large network of important contacts in the industry. This is our basis for successful exploitation contracts. Our many years of experience in drafting and negotiating license agreements, patent sales and non-disclosure agreements help us here.
You as a customer can also benefit from these contacts with regard to current and future research projects.

We take over the controlling of license agreements and receivables

On behalf of our customers, we take over contract and receivables controlling. We monitor deadlines, control license payments and billing and usually also take care of collection.

Do you have any questions or require further information?

Please feel free to contact us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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