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Universal p-type Cu2Se based bulk thermoelectric materials and printable flexible high power density TEG





A new strategy has been developed for producing a flexible printed thermoelectric material comprising an inorganic binder (mixture of Cu, Se and S powder), which bridges the grains of TE materials with non-stoichiometric β-Cu2-δSe through a facile printing-sintering process. Unlike conventional inorganic powder based printed films containing grain boundaries, interruption of carrier transportation at the grain boundaries due to binders and additives has been minimized here, which results in high advantageous electrical conductivity σ, and thus in high TE performance. In addition, this novel p-type thermoelectric material can be combined with our recently developed corresponding n-type material based on Ag-Se (see our ref. 19/067TLB) for even more powerful TEG.

Furthermore, the millisecond photonic curing technology has employed replacing traditional vacuum sintering to sinter pair of p- and n-type printed films on flexible substrates containing a Cu-Se-based inorganic binder. As a result improved mechanical flexibility with high-performance is achieved in the printed films. Consequently, a) printability b) high TE performance, and c) mechanical flexibility are achieved in a pair of p- and type printed films.


  • Novel universal p-type Cu2Se based inorganic binder to prepare 2D/3D printable TE inks
  • Flexible
  • Environmentally stable
  • Rapid processing
  • High power density/high TE performance
  • Moderate temperature post printing sintering procedure
  • Low-cost manufacturing of high power density printable flexible TEG
  • provide enough power for wireless energy-autonomous sensors and actuators
  • can be combined with our novel n-type thermoelectrics (TE) material based on Ag-Se (our ref. 19/067TLB) for even more powerful TEG

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