New Services from TLB: IP Advising for Start-ups

Patents and IP, that is, intellectual property, are not generally among a company founder’s core competencies. Most founders build their start-ups and companies on an original business idea and internal expertise.

However, IP is part of the central core of any successful strategy of a technology-oriented company. IP and patents cannot protect the business idea, but in the best case the technology that underlies the business idea, and thus the core of the future company. In addition, IP documents the company’s technology leadership. That’s why founders need a sound IP strategy from the very beginning.

Effective immediately, TLB GmbH provides IP advising for founders and start-ups in the deep tech sector. TLB’s new service includes a free initial consultation, an extensive analysis of IP rights, and the formulation of an IP strategy for technologically oriented companies in the establishment phase.

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