Property rights and IP: What do startups need to consider?

Property rights and IP: What do startups need to consider?

A good strategy is particularly important when it comes to protecting intellectual property. This is because the IP on which the company is based is at the centre of every successful strategy of a technology-oriented company. Although IP and patents cannot protect the business idea, they can ideally protect the technology on which the business idea is based and thus the core of the already established or future company. IP also documents technological leadership. Founders therefore need a solid IP strategy right from the start.

When planning this strategy and analysing IP rights, start-up teams should pay particular attention to the following points:

Protection strategy: Consider which IP rights are possible and necessary to protect your own innovation and the company and in which countries IP rights should be applied for

Patent search: Carry out a thorough search of the relevant prior art. Check whether the invention is patentable and make sure that your own invention or parts of it are not already protected by existing patents

Market analysis: Analyse the market to assess the potential of the innovation and identify possible competitors

Risk assessment: Identify potential risks, such as claim restrictions, patent infringements by others or attacks on your own patents  

Legal advice: Seek legal advice from professionals as needed to ensure your IP strategy is robust and effective.

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