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Ductile seismic anchor - compact, efficient & stable

This heavy duty anchor is specially designed to withstand the dynamic loads of earthquakes. The load on the fastenings is reduced so that the assembled components are less stressed (pipes, falling parts, etc.). This seismic anchor is characterized by its improved performance. Its special feature is its innovative design. It consists of several materials with different ductility in different areas of the anchor. This allows it to optimally absorb the forces occurring during an earthquake in both the longitudinal and transverse direction. The anchor is designed in accordance with current standards and can easily be manufactured from commercially available materials. Current events in the world impressively demonstrate that the subject of "earthquakes" continues to gain in importance. A high demand for seismic anchors together with correspondingly high quantities (approx. 1 million anchors each for larger buildings) lead us to expect high turnover.



Minimally invasive on-site rapid test of intumescents for enhanced structural fire protection

The recurring fire protection test for intumescent systems can be carried out minimally invasive directly on site by means of this compact test chamber; for the first time the uncomplicated and reliable test in existing buildings is possible - costly and possibly too early preventive renovations can be avoided and tests required by building law can be carried out more easily.



Bio-inspired lightweight actuators ‘FLEXAFOLD’ – composite materials with integrated hinge zones

This bio-inspired lightweight technology makes it possible for the first time to integrate actuators in surface elements made of composite materials and thus open up completely new design possibilities - not only for architecture.

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