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Simple splicing and reduced coupling losses when joining optical solid- and hollow-core fibers

Optical fibers are particularly well suited for long-distance data transmission, as the attenuation losses are significantly lower than e.g. when using copper conductors. Scientists at the University of Stuttgart  have now developed a simple and flexible method of joining solid- and hollow-core fibers that is characterized by low coupling losses and easy and flexible handling. In particular, it is suitable for liquid-filled hollow-core fibers. The method enables a durable, low-loss connection of fibers of different diameters without the application of heat required.



Bit-rate flexible receive-side equalizer for multi-Gbit/s serial data links

The new receive equalizer topology permits to reduce the equalizer chip area by a factor of 5 to 10 and to cut down power consumption by half compared to common equalizers.
Data rates far in excess of 10 Gbit/s can be achieved with the new structure.



Key component for the integration of electronic data processing and optical information transmission

Seamless transition between electronic information processing and optical information transfer needs integration of fast optoelectronic components together with the associated electronic components (e.g. drivers, amplifiers, storage components, and microcontrollers) on the same substrate (e.g. silicon-on-insulator, SOI). The novel electro-optical component is based on the rapid change of transmission characteristics of an optical wave guide by means of the application of electric potentials.



Monolithically integrated optical fibre coupling incorporating 90° beam deflection

The invention covers a new kind of monolithically integrated optical fibre coupling and its fabrication method.