Improvement of the operating range and increasing of the reliability of integrated circuits

Photodiode-controlled feedback prevents breakdown at pn junctions mehr

Aquaculture: Clear Water Thanks to Cork

The special feature of this newly-developed fish food is the addition of cork. mehr

Greater Range and Longer Lifetime

One of the great challenges of electric mobility is effective and reliable storage of electrical energy in vehicles. For mobile applications, a small and lightweight energy storage unit with a high charging capacity is required. mehr

New welding process joins dissimilar sheets better

Scientists have developed two new process variants that will considerably expand the areas of application for friction stir welding. Thanks to these procedural variants, it is possible for the first time to join steel and... mehr

New options for high-strength fibre ropes

The new rope end connection made of plastic is the result from six years of research conducted by the University of Stuttgart. The cover for high-strength fibre ropes is now ready to be put on the market, a prototype is already... mehr

Soft switching combines efficiency and improved electro-magnetic compatibility

Professor Manfred W. Gekeler is presenting his research results at the PCIM Conference in Nuremberg mehr

Higher efficiency through soft switching

Latest research results on S3L and SS3L inverter topologies are presented at EMV Conference in Duesseldorf mehr

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