Novel concept of exhaust gas tract improves turbocharging in combustion engines

The innovative MEDUSA concept is suitable for turbocharging diesel and gasoline engines. mehr

Partner to Science and Industry

Technologie-Lizenz-Büro (TLB) GmbH has been successful in technology transfer and IP management for 20 years mehr

Automated filling of shelves in retail

A storage and retrieval system has now been developed that makes it possible to automatically place and rearrange goods in retail businesses. This means that shelf stocking can take place outside opening hours without affecting... mehr

TLB GmbH appoints new managing director

On July 1, 2018, Dr.-Ing. Hubert Siller took the reins as Managing Director of Technologie-Lizenz-Büro (TLB) GmbH in Karlsruhe, Germany. The patent exploitation agency has competently supported universities and colleges in the... mehr

Enhanced ball screw drive with increased lifetime through novel double nut design

Ball screw drives with preloaded nuts are frequently used in machine tools. They are typically exposed to rather high load forces and must be in addition preloaded for high precision requirements. An excessive amount of preload,... mehr

Improvement of the operating range and increasing of the reliability of integrated circuits

Photodiode-controlled feedback prevents breakdown at pn junctions mehr

Aquaculture: Clear Water Thanks to Cork

The special feature of this newly-developed fish food is the addition of cork. mehr

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