TLB - A competent Partner for Invention and Patent Management

TLB GmbH - we make inventions successful - for everyone involved!

For almost 20 years now, we have provided support for inventions by universities, enterprises and inventors, from the initial idea right up to the commercial product. In the last 20 years many patent families have emerged because of our work and many patent families have been successfully introduced into the market by way of licenses and purchase contracts. As a result, TLB remains one of the most successful patent exploitation agencies in Germany based on monetary utilization rewards.

Customized Services for the Success of your Invention

As a partner in science and industry, we offer custom-made services and intelligent solutions in invention and patent management:

We assess inventions and ideas

We assess the market and application potential of ideas and inventions. We also take on the necessary patent and market research, of course, for a sound and substancial assessment of your inventions. We rely on our long-standing expertise and significant insider knowledge regarding trends and developments in relevant future markets.

We develop strategies for patent and invention management

Every invention is different. Every enterprise, university and inventor pursues their own goals with their inventions. Accordingly, many questions must be addressed repeatedly on the way from the idea to a commercial success. The experienced specialists at TLB provide the answers to these questions, creating an individual success strategy for each invention.

We will take care of the patenting of your ideas

Our experts support the implementation of the entire patenting process. This also includes the selection of a competent patent attorney to ensure a high quality patent specification, for example. We also take care of the processing of all organizational matters.

We have contact to the best partners to ensure the success of your invention

We have a large network of important contacts for inventon and patent management. Customers benefit from these contacts, enriching their own network for current and future research projects.

We sell and license patents worldwide

We search for and find global buyers and licensees for market-oriented patens and inventions. Using our network for this purpose, we have access to more than 2,000 technologies. Once these market partners successfully merge, we vigorously negotiate the financial terms and are committed to achieving the best for our customers. Our long-standing experience in drafting and negotiation of license agreements helps us in the process.

We take care of contract and claims controlling

On behalf of our customers, we take care of contract and receivables management controlling.

Specialists for your Future Markets: Our Staff

The most important pillar of our success is our highly qualified staff that possesses broad expertise in all relevant future markets. Their interdisciplinary training allows the discovery of novel solutions beyond the boundaries of common specialty departments and markets - making them specialists for your future markets. They are valuable consultants, based on their long-standing experience in patent and invention management.